Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Warehousing Services Provider

June 20, 2018

Warehousing and logistics are two important aspects of any omni-channel retail business that need to work effectively. Having to invest in warehousing is costly as location choice, staffing needs and coordination are difficult hurdles to pass.

To ease the pressure on those managing the business, warehousing services for retailers provide the operators with access to a large and secure warehousing space, associated pick, pack and delivery services and the latest technological systems.

In our recent blog post, Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right 3PL Services Provider in Australia, we discussed the importance of choosing a third-party logistics service provider that has size and scale, values data, provides end-to-end support, can cope with growth and understands your business.

Here we share with you our top 5 tips for finding the right warehousing service provider:

1. Smart Systems

Effective warehouse management relies on technological support to ensure that the storage and retrieval process is conducted in the most efficient manner. At eStore Logistics we use a leading warehousing management system powered by Manhattan SCALE to effectively coordinate the products we hold and our staff. This ensures that the goods are stored, according to various metrics based on data we create and obtain from our customers, and are retrieved quickly without any double handling.

2. Hands-Free Technology

All staff use a wearable computer that provides them with up-to-date information about their workflow. This ensures that staff are fully utilised and that no time is wasted having to direct staff to their next job. The computer comes with a built-in ring scanner which means that all barcoded products are tracked throughout the entire pick and pack process. This provides valuable information and ensures that goods are never lost or misplaced.

3. Planned Warehouse Layout

A large warehouse does not mean that the service provider owning the warehouse is the right choice for you. The larger the warehouse, the more strategic planning required to ensure that every space in the warehouse is utilised appropriately so that goods can be stored in a manner that minimises travel time in and around the warehouse. Our warehouses are equipped with various pallet storage areas, pick bins and packing areas, in a carefully laid out manner, which provides our workers with enough space to operate without interference.

4. Reverse Labour Plan

To ensure that our warehouse is sufficiently staffed, we monitor our clients’ sales and deliveries. We forecast busy periods and know exactly how many staff to have on the floor at any given time. We will never experience a shortage of resources which means that our warehouse is always operating to its maximum capabilities.

5. Freight Optimisation Software

In conjunction with the warehouse management system, leading freight optimisation software ensures that the goods in and out of the warehouse are transported quickly, accurately and securely. Our highly intelligent software knows exactly where to source goods from our clients’ manufacturers and distributors, and will plan the delivery of the goods to the end user using an optimal path that minimises freight cost.

Finding the right warehousing service provider is not that difficult! At eStore Logistics, we continue to increase our warehousing footprint, develop our technological interfaces and recruit more staff to help serve many small and large eCommerce businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and other parts of Australia. Contact us today by calling 1300 735 133.

Struggling to find the most appropriate warehousing service provider in Australia? Share your queries below in the comments section.

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