7 Important Questions to Ask An eCommerce Logistics Provider in Australia

May 7, 2018

Logistics in Australia is crucial due to the large land area, growth in eCommerce businesses and online sales, and the increasing reliance by end-users on goods being delivered to them quickly and accurately. Before you engage with an eCommerce logistics provider, you want to make sure that they have the right eCommerce logistics solutions for your needs.

eCommerce logistics companies are designed to service many omni-channel eCommerce businesses that wish to optimise their warehousing and order fulfilment requirements. eStore Logistics has approximately 60,000 sqm of warehousing space spread across Melbourne and Sydney. It uses leading freight optimisation software and the Manhattan SCALE Warehouse Management System. These two technological capabilities prevent double-handling, excessive manual handling, human decision making and errors.

To learn more, here are 7 important questions to ask an eCommerce logistics provider in Australia.

1. How do you ensure that my goods will not be lost amongst the other goods you hold?

A well designed warehouse will ensure that the greatest number of goods can be stored and easily identified. eStore Logistics is able to service retail businesses offering a diverse array of goods. With pallet storage locations and pick bins that are coded, this helps staff to understand what is on the pallet or in the bin using ring scanner technology. This means that we have complete oversight of where everything is.

2. I operate a small business. Can you help me?

It is important to ascertain whether the eCommerce logistics provider can service businesses that sell fewer orders that are small and less predictable. Since the sales of these small businesses are hard to forecast, some logistics providers might not be able to cope with the arrival and dispatch of goods on an ad hoc basis. However, at eStore Logistics, all products passing through the warehouse are coded so no good will be lost in transition.

3. My systems are not that advanced. Does that matter?

eCommerce logistics companies should be able to connect with businesses that have basic computer systems. It would be remiss of them to miss out on these customers. At eStore Logistics, our technological systems will seamlessly integrate with your systems so that once an order is made from your end-user, the data will transfer to our systems and we will organise the retrieval and courier of the goods to your customer.

4. Can my customers return the goods that they have ordered?

The number of customers returning goods is increasing. With more robust consumer protections, it is important that your customers can return goods simply without having to publish negative comments. Our warehousing capabilities can accommodate the return of goods in an effective manner without displeasing your customers.

5. How fast can you process orders and have the goods dispatched to the customer?

All staff members working at eStore Logistics have wearable computers that keeps them up-to-date with each order that they have to pick and pack. It minimises the need for papers and reduces human errors by ensuring that staff are always working in accordance to their workflow that has been determined using complex algorithms.

6. How is it possible to service my customer from a few warehouses in the entire State?

Freight optimisation software helps to group deliveries together, calculate the best route and forecast future deliveries so that goods are picked, packed and dispatched in the shortest time possible. We partner with leading freight companies that know our processes and will efficiently carry your goods to your customers.

7. Who uses your services?

We have many happy clients, small and large, including Kogan, Hairhouse Warehouse, Universal, Temple and Webster, and Patagonia. Each client strives to grow and we help them achieve their goals.

Using an eCommerce Logistics Provider like eStore Logistics will help you focus more of your time on other parts of your business like growing market share, enhancing operations and increasing sales. We will take care of warehousing, packaging and logistics to and from suppliers and customers. Call us today on 1300 735 133 to have a free and confidential discussion.

Are you thinking about using an eCommerce logistics provider? What are your top three reasons for choosing third party logistics (3PL)? Share your thoughts with the community below.

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