Amazon Fulfillment

As its name suggests, Amazon fulfillment is a term which is applied to all those activities which are necessary in order to get products shipped to the customer ordering them, which means picking, packing, and the actual shipping of the product. Amazon has made its reputation in part at least because of its superb fulfillment process, which puts products into the hands of customers in the shortest possible time frames.

Any company wishing to partner with Amazon would be obliged to adhere to these same strict standards of fulfillment, and eStore Logistics is both happy and proud to live up to these standards, in our partnership with Amazon. There are three distinct categories of Amazon fulfillment, which are described below, and which are comprised of the following: fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), third-party fulfillment, and self-fulfillment.

Fulfillment by Amazon

When any merchant ships products directly to Amazon warehouses for fulfillment, whether it’s across the road or across the country, this is considered fulfillment by Amazon, and although these products can be sold more quickly, the fulfillment option is the most expensive one. The merchant doing the shipping loses all control over packages, even to the extent that its own documentation and packaging cannot be used, because the FBA option requires that all packages be shipped in Amazon boxes.

Third-party fulfillment

In this fulfillment option, a third-party company like eStore Logistics, does all the necessary picking, packing, and shipping of products, acting as the agent for the merchant selling the items on Amazon. Many merchants choose to use this option because it’s much less expensive than the FBA strategy, and because third-party companies are often able to offer very good value to merchants. In the case of eStore Logistics, we are Australia’s largest third-party logistics provider, and because we deal in very high volume, fulfilling 45,000 orders per day, we are able to negotiate the best rates with carriers. With cost-effective, high-speed order fulfillment solutions that are always highly accurate, we have the capability of providing best value to merchants.


When a merchant performs all tasks associates with the fulfillment process, this is considered to be self-fulfillment. Self-fulfillment is generally only done by very small merchants, often operating from home, or from a small garage or warehouse. When a self-fulfilling merchant experiences a significant increase in orders, self-fulfillment can become quite time-consuming, although that is offset by the fact that there is little or no initial investment needed to begin selling. In general, self-fulfillment operations tend to be low-volume in nature, which makes it fairly easy for the merchant to stay abreast of orders.

What eStore Logistics has to offer

As a third-party logistics provider, eStore Logistics has more to offer than most other logistics companies, starting with the fact that we are a trusted and respected international provider, both for Amazon and for other eCommerce websites. Because our fulfillment software integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s, and with other eCommerce sites, order information flows easily and quickly both ways, so that fulfillment can happen accurately and in the shortest possible time frame.

Our state of the art fulfillment processes and cutting-edge technology ensure that no time is wasted in any of the areas comprising fulfillment. We can also offer a very diverse range of packaging options, and we are confident that every brand and every budget can be accommodated by our packaging schemes. Since we have warehouses in many geographic locations, we are able to ship quickly to every part of the world, and still keep shipping costs down for our partners.

On top of all that, we at eStore Logistics are driven to maintain our position as a global leader in third-party logistics, and we are constantly striving to improve our internal processes, so that we can improve our external services to partners. Contact us today, to find out how we can help solve your fulfillment logistics problems, and how we can partner with you to make your enterprise run smoother and become more profitable.