Advantages of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers

April 20, 2019

Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers are in high demand because they offer superior order fulfillment and distributions services to help you scale your business and meet increasing customer demand. By adding value to your small or large business, 3PL services help businesses in Melbourne and Sydney grow by allowing more orders to be fulfilled with accurate and quality product handling and delivery services.

As supply chains becomes more complex, it is important that goods arrive on time at the least possible cost, every time. It is ideal for the retailer to limit their investment in logistics so that they can focus their time on developing and enhancing their operations, and meeting customer expectations. Outsourcing logistics to a third party logistics provider provides a guaranteed service, peace of mind and dedicated support staff.

eStore Logisticsunderstands logistics and have an extensive distribution network along with a skilled team that know how to improve logistical operations for various businesses. As a superior 3PL logistics provider, our expertise and infrastructure allows you to focus more time on your business as you leverage our capabilities. With systems and processes that will easily integrate with your business’s platforms, we strive to enhance your business and improve your customers’ satisfaction.

When considering whether to outsource your logistics to us, here are a few benefits of 3PL to keep in mind. Remember, we tailor our offering to each client so we can deliver the best service to you.

1. Easy Integration

We offer our customers the ability to quickly setup their systems to link to our highly advanced IT infrastructure. Using our shopping cart and system plugins, any end-user surfing the eCommerce site will be able to purchase the goods and be comforted to know that their product will arrive accurately and on time using our third party logistics network. We provide inventory reports and dispatch confirmation to keep all parties up-to-date with every order. Our reporting allows you to take comfort knowing what stock you have on hand, the holding time, low levels and much more.

2. Scale Your Business on Demand

Most online retail and omni-channel retail businesses experience seasonal fluctuations. It is important that the business can cope with low and high periods of demand without affecting the bottom line. Due to our bulk delivery services, we are able to negotiate lower freight costs and directly pass on the savings to you and ultimately the end-user (i.e. your customers). Our best in class third party logistics systems and processes ensure that we scale to your peaks and provide a happier purchase experience for your customers.

3. Secure and Timely

Our large warehousing facilities in Melbourne and Sydney can provide 43,000 sqm of storage in a safe and secure environment. This means that there is no upfront capital cost to you because you do not have to worry about logistics systems implementation or equipment purchase for your operation. This allows you to save by not having to pay a fixed cost because we take care of the logistics.

Improve your sales by utilising our reduced cost freight options, logistics expertise, competitive pricing and fast fulfilment. Make a call to the third party logistics provider experts at eStore Logistics today on 1300 735 133 or go online to obtain a free quotation.

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