Fast fulfillment at your fingertips

Our logistics web platform let’s you track real-time inventory across our fulfillment centers, manage orders and it’s free for our customers!

Real-time Inventory

View real-time stock levels across our fulfillment centers.

Create and edit products information on demand.

View product transaction history.

Sales Orders

Create or bulk upload sales orders

Update or delete sales orders

View real-time order fulfillment status

Purchase Orders

Create or bulk upload purchase orders

Update or delete purchase orders

View real-time receiving status


Create reverse logistics request

Update or delete return

View real-time return receiving status


Sales and purchase order volume

Analytics and big data

Better understand your customers


Consignment tracking for sales orders.

Reporting has never been easier. Use our web platform for quick and easy access to all of your logistics data including:

  • Real-time inventory
  • Sales order status
  • Tracking numbers
  • Purchase orders
  • Receivings
  • Returns
  • Warehouses
  • Product data
  • Kitting
  • Systems Integration

    Connecting to our systems is easy and can be completed in minutes