eBay Fulfillment Services

eStore Logistics has successfully integrated with eBay to help local and international eBay merchants bring products to customers in a quick, tailored and reliable manner.

As a third-party logistics provider and eBay fulfillment provider, eStore Logistics has more to offer than most other logistics companies. Our fulfillment software integrates seamlessly with eBay’s systems enabling order information to flow easily, accurately and quickly between the merchant as well as eStore and the end-user. This ensures that the order fulfillment occurs instantaneously with order information relayed in real-time to all stakeholders in a transparent manner.

Our leading fulfillment processes and best in class logistics systems provide a service that ensure that eBay orders are fulfilled fast and accurately. This enables eBay merchants to focus on sales and profit while their customers receive the best eBay fulfillment service possible. Listed below are some of the key aspects of our eBay pick and pack fulfillment services.

Product storage and management

Before your products are delivered to your customers, they must be stored in a warehouse to facilitate effortless picking, tailored packing and packaging and streamlined delivery. We have over 50,000 sqm of warehousing space located throughout the nation to service Australia’s existing and upcoming eBay merchants. With 24/7 video surveillance, secure storage facilities and CCTV security monitoring systems, we provide comfort to our clients that their products will stay safe before they are delivered to their end-users.

We help our eBay merchants ship their products to their customers in a low-cost and time-efficient manner. Our complex freight optimization algorithms and Warehouse Management System, SCALE, maintain inventory and sales order accuracy while supporting a cost effective eBay logistics service. We provide valuable information to our clients to help them make informed decisions, so they can source or manufacture the products in demand and minimize unnecessary storage and holding of unpopular items.

Pick and pack fulfillment services

In addition to our leading inventory storage and warehouse management services, our clients will also enjoy our fast, accurate and tailored order fulfillment services. While your customers expect their products to arrive as purchased, on-time and without any errors, they ideally would also like to receive a product that has been carefully branded and packaged to enhance the buying experience.

At eStore Logistics, our easy integration and web platform system helps you connect with us to leverage the benefits of our leading technological capabilities. Here is a list of features you will receive when you choose us for eBay picking and packing fulfillment services;

  • Quick setup using our eBay, shopping cart and system plugins that cater for all systems used by eCommerce merchants.
  • Access to our web platform for easy real-time logistics information that keep you and your eBay customers in control and up-to-date with timely information about the order.
  • eBay orders received before midday will be fulfilled same day with our leading Freight Optimization Software.
  • Guaranteed accurate eBay order fulfillment services and inventory reporting to ensure we stock the right type and number of your products to complete all orders received.
  • Ability to fully control the delivery experience with your branded packaging, which we can implement prior to dispatch.
  • Automatic cartonisation capabilities ensures the right carton or satchel is selected to minimize packaging selection errors.
  • Access to the latest logistics technology that is continuously being developed to help our clients ship more products to their growing customer base.

Product shipment

We will ship all types of products depending on your requirements. We work with eBay merchants to help them achieve the service levels they have agreed with eBay and their customers. From low-cost shipping options to urgent overnight deliveries, our proprietary Freight Optimization Software ensures lowest cost carrier selection for each and every order regardless of the shipping option selected.

We work with many freight carriers so that depending on stock levels, where the inventory is available, shipping locations, cost, like-orders and much more, we plan a route and select the most appropriate freight carrier to deliver products to end-users in an efficient manner.

Returns processing

We know how important returns are for eCommerce merchants. Therefore, we treat eBay reverse logistics very seriously. We have several reverse logistics processes to manage returns advised by your customers.

  • We provide timely and accurate inventory management reporting to help you understand the revised stock levels.
  • We accurately inform you of the condition of the returned product so that you can make decisions.
  • We will ship the replacement product, according to your instructions, in a timely manner to preserve a positive customer experience.
  • We provide notifications to all stakeholders regarding the status of the return and replacement.

Flexible service arrangements

We provide tailored and customizable solutions for all clients seeking eBay third party fulfillment services. Whether you operate with a single channel or omni-channel distribution model, we will help you leverage our process and technology capabilities to enhance your eCommerce business. We endeavor to partner with you, so you can focus on growing your business whilst we manage the end-to-end order fulfillment process.