Everything You Need To Know About eCommerce Order Fulfillment

January 22, 2018

eCommerce fulfillment is vital to maintain excellent customer satisfaction, improve turnover and scale the business. eStore Logistics delivers cost effective eCommerce order fulfillment in Melbourne and eCommerce order fulfillment in Sydney utilising best in class logistics systems that support eStore Logistics eCommerce fulfillment operation.

Our systems will work with your systems so that we can provide an end-to-end service from the point the order online is placed to the point of delivery to the customer. Along the way, we can help you with warehousing, monitoring, distribution and much more. Our systems have been optimised to deliver these services in a quick, reliable and effective manner.

These systems include Manhattan Associates SCALE warehouse management system (WMS), proprietary Freight Optimisation System, proprietary Order Management System and proprietary Reverse Labour Planning tool.

To assist you to make the right decision, have a read of our responses to common questions asked by our prospective clients.

What is eCommerce Order Fulfillment?

eCommerce order fulfillment helps you deliver your goods to more customers on time every time. Instead of having to invest in a warehouse and incur fixed costs, a third party logistics provider can help you store, monitor and deliver goods so that you can spend more time focussing on developing your products, marketing and building customer relations. We work with you so that there is no delay in processing, fulfilling and completing your customers’ orders.

How Does eCommerce Order Fulfillment Work?

eCommerce order fulfilment is an important link in the supply and delivery chain. Without an accurate, seamless and reliable order fulfilment process, your customers will not be happy with delays, errors and other mishaps. Our superior systems will connect with your online shopping interface so that once an order is placed by your customer, we take care of the process from retrieving the good to having the good arrive safely with your customer.

Why eCommerce Order Fulfillment is Important?

We have a flexible, secure and hassle-free service so that you do not have to worry about warehousing, staffing, distribution networkw, computer systems and equipment. Whilst we scale your business from a logistics and warehousing perspective, you can spend more time on your business and customers.

Our leading software and tools provide our clients with unparalleled support and opportunities. For example, eStore Logistics’ Freight Optimisation System and Order Management provide a least cost freight routing solution for eCommerce order fulfillment. For each eCommerce order, the system considers freight carrier suitability, freight carrier cost and warehouse inventory levels to select the best warehouse and freight carrier combination to fulfill each eCommerce order.

How Much do eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services Cost?

The cost will reflect the eCommerce order fulfillment services you require. We provide a tailored package to suit your needs and budget. Should you require additional services such as barcoding, quality control and other analysis and services, we will work to meet your requests. We strive to keep costs low because we achieve economies of scale by investing in enormous warehouses, engaging reliable and trained staff, developing superior systems and leveraging our networks.

What Criteria Must Be Used In Selecting an eCommerce Order Fulfillment Provider?

The eCommerce order fulfilment provider must offer all the services that you require. The provider will become a part of your business and it is essential that you do your homework. Here are a few important criteria that you should consider:

  1. Number and location of warehousing sites.
  2. Proximity of the warehousing site to your target market.
  3. Size of warehouses.
  4. Size of distribution networks.
  5. Capability to connect seamlessly with your systems.
  6. Tailored offerings and personalised services.
  7. IT systems used during operations.
  8. Value add services.
  9. Reputation in the industry from peers and professional associates.

How to Find an eCommerce Order Fulfillment Provider?

It is important that you find and engage the right eCommerce order fulfillment provider. It is advisable to have conversations with prospective providers so that you can understand their service offering. Make sure that you are transparent with your business so that the provider knows exactly what you need. The provider might also make suggestions and offer alternatives to help put you on the right path.

eStore Logistics is Australia’s largest eCommerce Order Fulfillment  provider that offers superior fulfillment services that are tailored to the client’s requirements. Enquire today by dialling 1300 735 133 and a friendly team member will assist you.

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