• Do I have to book in a timeslot for inbound deliveries?

    No timeslot bookings are required for inbound LCL deliveries, but we do ask that your container delivery times be scheduled with us in advance to avoid demurrage and idle labour costs. eStore Logistics can coordinate your container deliveries for you and your wharf cartage provider if you prefer.

  • How do I lodge an advanced shipping notice (ASN)?

    eStore Logistics will provide you with access to our web portal to upload your ASN or you also have the option of utilising our easy to use ASN upload templates. Both options will allow you to share with us the details of your upcoming supplier shipments.

  • What sort of quality and accuracy investigation do you conduct on inbound?

    On receipt of your stock we will visually inspect the goods to ensure there is no damage, we will also confirm the quantity of stock which arrives matches your purchase order.

  • Will you relabel product which comes without a barcode or with a faulty one?

    eStore Logistics requires our customers to maintain a high level of compliance from their suppliers, including product barcoding and labelling. However should product arrive that is not correctly labelled, on agreement we will perform the necessary work to have this product fit to be receipted into stock.

  • Can I visit my product once it is at your 3PL warehouse?

    eStore Logistics appreciates that our customers will have a requirement to inspect their inventory from time to time, we aim to make this as easy and effective as possible for both parties, we just ask that adequate notice is given ahead of such meetings.

  • When we reach the end of a season how do we go about consolidating stock?

    eStore Logistics offers our customers access to a team of Customer Service Officers and Logistics Coordinators who plan and execute optimisation projects which could include consolidations. They will work with you to determine a solution that will maximise value for your business going forward.

  • Do you conduct stock takes/cycle counts?

    We offer our customers a range of inventory management solutions, including annual stock takes, scheduled rolling cycle counts, or activity driven cycle counting.

  • How is packaging determined?

    eStore Logistics has developed a system driven 3D cubing solutions where by our system calculates the optimal packaging type based on the dimensions of all the products in an order and any special product characteristics. The system’s predetermined packaging solutions, means operator discretion is replaced with system directed instructions which delivers greater consistency and lower costs for our customers.

  • Can I have collateral inserted into orders?

    Customer provided collateral can be inserted into all orders raised, giving the customer an increased opportunity to engage with their end customer.

  • Can I bring my own branded satchels/cartons?

    Branded satchels and cartons can be supplied by our customers and their dimensions added into our 3D cubing software, ensuring a system driven selection of the right packaging type for each order.

  • How can I change an order or an address?

    Our easy to use web portal solution offers the quickest and easiest way for customers to change or cancel orders once they have been transmitted to eStore Logistics.

  • Do you offer custom packaging solutions?

    eStore Logistics has been able to effectively systimise the bespoke packaging requirements of our customers ensuring the specific packaging needs of product are adhered to prior to dispatch.

  • Can you fulfil both retail store and eCommerce deliveries?

    Yes, eStore Logistics has a long history of delivering service excellence to both eCommerce and traditional retailers. On any given day eStore Logistics fulfills tens of thousands of sales orders to homes, businesses, shops, or other distribution centers.

  • Can you deliver into EDI compliant retailers?

    Yes, presently eStore Logistics is delivering into a variety of retailers with EDI complaint requirements, including but not limited to Myer, David Jones, Coles and Woolworths.

  • Can I bring my own transport account?

    eStore Logistics has existing relationships with Australia’s leading transport service providers allowing our customers to leverage our volumes and trading terms, as well as established customer service channels.

  • Do you offer international shipping services?

    Yes eStore Logistics offers a selection of international delivery solutions to meet a variety of cost, timeliness, and service requirements.

  • How do you handle seasonality?

    eStore Logistics has structured its operation on being able to accommodate the seasonal requirements of the eCommerce and traditional bricks and mortar stores. We have invested heavily in our systems, processes and training such that we can effectively scale up our operations without degradation of quality or effectiveness.

  • How do you handle pre orders / back orders?

    Many of our customers have an aspect of pre orders or back orders. Our systems inform us of the amount of stock per SKU within forthcoming inbound deliveries (purchase orders) that have already been sold by our customers. Thus we can make the necessary resourcing decisions to assure these orders are completed in a timely manner.

  • What solutions do you have to in place for specialist commodities (Dangerous, Expiration, Temp sensitive, Serial Capture, High-Value, Fragile, etc) ?

    eStore Logistics has developed a number of solutions to accommodate the specialist requirements of our customers’ commodities. These solutions include product segregation and specialist handling training for dangerous goods, temperature monitoring, batch number or expiry date capturing of stock, FEFO picking, high-security storage areas, and specialist packaging solutions for glassware and other fragile items.

  • Does eStore Logistics accept returns / provide reverse logistics services?

    eStore Logistics provides reverse logistics services and can be your selected returns assessment provider. We will capture all information concerning a return including matching it to an original order, validating the items returned as well as assessing whether they are fit for resale.

  • Does eStore Logistics provide a returns freight service option?

    eStore Logistics will provide you with access to our online return label generator portal which can be shared with your end customers. This allows your customers to easily create a label to return their products to our facility following your approval.

  • Does eStore Logistics conduct product grading of returns?

    eStore Logistics’ initial inspection of returns seeks to validate whether a product is fit for resale or not. Typically pre agreed returned goods inspection instructions are provided by our clients during on boarding. All the product which has been deemed not fit for resale will be quarantined until an agreed time with a customer at which point a condition report investigation can be conducted and corrective actions put in place.

  • Will eStore Logistics perform any form of rework to returns to make them fit for sale?

    eStore Logistics will work collaboratively with clients to understand what is required to make a product fit for sale, and wherever reasonable conduct the necessary work to assist the client in returning the product to a fit for sale position.

  • Do you have existing integrations with my shopping cart/inventory management system?

    eStore Logistics has existing integrations with most major shopping carts, eCommerce web platforms, enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and inventory management systems. For more detail on our integration solutions please view the integration page of our website https://www.estorelogistics.com.au/integration/

  • How frequently do client systems syncronise / push data to eStore Logistics’ systems?

    This depends on the method of integration and the specific business requirements of your organisation. The majority of our customers prefer to have systems synchronisations occur at set times of the day, where others will chose to have this based on a time elapse schedule. eStore Logistics can configure synchronisations to occur as frequently as every few minutes or once per day. We are guided by client requirements.

  • Can I see my stock levels, and order statuses via your web portal in real time?

    eStore Logistics’ web portal has a number of features including ability to create or modify orders and receipts, as well as view the status of receipts and orders throughout the day. You can also use the web portal to run real time queries on your inventory levels.

  • Can you create prekitt product combinations?

    eStore Logistics can assist you by creating customised kits, hampers, or packs of your product to be stored within our facility and thus ready for dispatch when your orders are received. This method assists you in having lower costs of fulfilment, as well as faster response times and more consistent and higher quality kit presentation.

  • Where are your facilities?

    eStore Logistics has multiple warehousing facilities in both Sydney and Melbourne, you can elect to have your stock centralised at one warehouse, or alternatively across multiple warehouses with our system deciding the optimal facility to dispatch each order from.

  • How soon can onboard my business and go live?

    Typically client integration on-boarding and testing, takes one month to complete, however eStore Logistics will work with you to understand your specific requirements and complexity and construct an optimal implementation timeline for your business.

  • How should I manage my migration period with my customers, suppliers, and stock transfer?

    As part of the implementation process, eStore Logistics will guide you through the development of a detailed migration plan, which will also cover off a communication strategy for your suppliers and customers.