Robotic warehouses

Our fulfillment centers feature AI powered autonomous mobile robots which support our team in providing same day delivery on sales orders received as late as 4pm. The robots retrieve and store inventory automatically removing the need for staff to walk the warehouse floor or operate equipment.

The robots use proprietary algorithms based on historical matching data to calculate the most efficient picking paths and order groupings for goods.  The robots also communicate with one another and optimise operations by automatically adjusting storage locations of shelves or pallets within warehouses based on incoming orders and future demand.

Easy to use cloud based logistics software

Our cloud based logistics software is perfect for business owners or operations managers to monitor their logistics operation in real time.

Our software enables clients to track real-time inventory across our fulfillment centers, manage sales and purchase orders, track deliveries and manage returns. Best of all it’s free for our customers.


Lowest cost shipping algorithms

We will minimise your shipping costs using multiple domestic and international freight carriers.

Our proprietary Freight Optimisation System uses advanced algorithms that select the optimal warehouse and freight carrier combination to ship each order.

We work with many domestic and international shipping carriers to meet your supply chain needs. Our freight carrier buying power ensures that your freight costs are minimised to maximise your margin.

World Leading WMS

We use a tier one warehouse management system (WMS) which supports accurate inventory, customised order packing solutions and fast accurate fulfillment.

Our WMS ensures that no matter what our client’s business requirements are, eStore Logistics is able to rapidly implement a solution which ensures that the most effective service is provided, always delivering the best value.

Enabling customers to fulfil orders more cost effectively, our WMS provides unique 3D cubing functionality. This eliminates the requirement for users to manually select packaging types for each order and recommends the smallest possible packaging to minimise shipping and packaging costs.

RF Scanning

You can be confident of the inventory integrity for the stock stored within our warehouses.

All stock movements within our warehouses are captured in our warehouse management system by scan events utilising bar codes. This includes receiving, put-away, location transfer, picking, packing, dispatch and cycle counting activities.