CILTA Excellence and Innovation in Safety Award Winner

November 5, 2018

eStore Logistics has been announced as the winner for the Excellence and Innovation in Safety Award.

The annual Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia (CILTA) awards which recognise excellence and innovation in the logistics industry were held on Saturday 27th October 2018 in Perth. The awards recognise outstanding companies and organisations for their achievements in industry for the past year.

eStore Logistics was the proud recipient of the Excellence and Innovation in Safety Award. This award is in recognition of eStore Logistics‘ Safety First Continuous Improvement Program.

Our most important resource are our people and safety is our number one priority. The business recognizes that occupational health and safety excellence is paramount in success for it’s staff, customers, partners and the business.

eStore Logistics conducted an expansive and detailed audit of their 3PL warehousing operations as part of the company’s Safety First Continuous Improvement program. In order to create an inclusive and people first solution, eStore Logistics sought feedback and input from all relevant employees and areas of the business. This open and transparent feedback inspired a solution that has helped lower our risks substantially as well as increase our employee satisfaction levels.


The audit findings and root cause analysis identified an unsatisfactory risk of pedestrian and forklift collision and risk of strain and fatigue during fulfillment activities.

Several safety initiatives were implemented including safety equipment, processes changes and warehouse management system algorithms which allocate work in a manner which segregates people and forklifts and manage fatigue and strain.

The changes have resulted in zero reported near miss incidents between pedestrians and forklift operators over the past nine months and improved staff morale and productivity. Moving forward, eStore Logistics has set a business goal to achieve world-class safety performance across the entire business.