eStore Logistics advances online and omni-channel fulfilment capabilities

May 31, 2017

eStore Logistics is constantly striving to achieve improvements in the service levels we offer our online retail and retail store customers, which has helped us accelerate our growth.

A key milestone in achieving better results for our customers was the upgrade of our legacy warehouse system to the industry leading the Manhattan SCALE™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Manhattan Associates in 2013.

In October 2016 the eStore Logistics team successfully completed a project to upgrade to the 2016 version of Manhattan SCALE™. The upgrade has delivered further cost efficiency and additional warehousing and order fulfillment capabilities to clients.

As online growth and omni-channel continues to drive innovation and new options for consumers, retailers are placing greater importance on the fulfilment side of their operations and the role it plays in improving customer satisfaction.

Manhattan’s Supply Chain Commerce technology helps us drive margin enhancement for our customers by enabling a more efficient logistics operation. It also helps our customers drive improvements in revenue and profitability through the delivery of higher service levels to the end consumer.

We also chose Manhattan SCALE because it’s a proven Supply Chain Commerce Solution that is scalable and can support our rapid and continued growth.

We have experienced a number of key benefits across our operations including improved inventory management and control, increased visibility of available space in the warehouse, and the ability to handle more complex wave flows which has allowed a more efficient management of the diverse outbound handling processes associated with different client/stock/order profiles. Manhattan SCALE has also facilitated an easier and faster integration of new eStore Logistics clients, provided the capability to run multiple sites, enabled a more streamlined billing process, and afforded a reduction in IT and administration personnel costs whilst supporting increased inbound and outbound volumes.

Manhattan Associates recently came in to our warehouse with a film crew to capture just how successful the Manhattan SCALE solution has been in offering the breadth and depth of functionality needed to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Check out the video below.