NORA Best Fulfilment Service Provider Winner 2018

October 29, 2018

eStore Logistics has been announced as the winner for the Best Fulfilment Service Provider award.

The National Online Retailers Association (NORA) hosted their annual awards ceremony on 25 October 2018 which recognise retail solution providers for their hard work, innovation, and overall essential contribution to the Australian retail industry.

Voted by Aussie retailers, eStore Logistics took out this award ahead of strong competition that included eBay and Australia Post. This is a huge honour for eStore Logistics and is a testament to the great work that our valuable team does all day, every day. Our team’s amazing work ensures that tens of thousands online shoppers in Australia and all around the world get their orders super fast.

NORA Award Winner - Best Fulfilment Service Provider award 2018

eStore Logistics is known for its superior eCommerce warehousing, fulfillment and distribution capabilities, with state-of-the-art tools and systems provide Australian online retailers with fast and accurate fulfilment and inventory management.

eStore Logistics provides a turnkey solution for online retailers to rapidly scale their business which includes 3PL warehousing of stock, eCommerce fulfillment, omni-channel fulfilment, last mile delivery, reverse logistics, inventory management and more.

eStore Logistics fulfils up 55,000 eCommerce sales orders per day for several clients including some of Australia’s largest online retailers that sell a variety of goods including electronics, apparel, lifestyle products, travel goods, furniture, home wares, health products, alcohol and more. We have a proven track record for fast, accurate and cost-effective fulfillment solutions achieving > 99.9% of orders shipped same day at > 99.9% accuracy.

What makes eStore Logistics’ leading logistics and distribution platform accessible to clients is our simple plugin which seamlessly connects eCommerce platforms to eStore Logistics’ order fulfillment systems. This cost-effective solution can be configured and implemented in less than 30 minutes. The integrated plugin enables sales orders to flow down to eStore Logistics systems, tracking numbers and sales order fulfilment confirmations to be sent back to client systems and inventory synchronisations to be performed simultaneously.

NORA Award Winner 2018

NORA Founder, Paul Greenberg at the NORA Awards

To have the goods quickly retrieved from the warehouse and shipped to the end user, eStore Logistics’ depends on its proprietary Freight Optimisation System and custom Commerce fulfilment algorithms. This is a key area of differentiation for eStore Logistics’ clients and is summarised up by the following process:

  1. An order is placed on the eCommerce retailer’s platform by the customer and transmitted to eStore Logistics’ systems;
  2. The Freight Optimisation System selects appropriate packaging to minimise costs and wasted space using a 3D cubing algorithm;
  3. The Freight Optimisation System determines the optimal warehouse and shipping carrier to fulfil the eCommerce order based on inventory holding at each warehouse location, freight carrier suitability, customer’s location, other deliveries, shipping costs and more;
  4. Custom algorithms within our leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimises the pick and pack process. For example, eStore Logistics has seven pick and pack flows of which each are assessed based on order profile, stock profile, other orders in the pool, and much more.
  5. Delivery is completed at the lowest cost whilst satisfying agreed service standards with the retailer.

Why is this a success? eStore Logistics understands their clients’ needs and we have developed a solution to assist eCommerce businesses scale their business, increase their offering and deliver exceptional results for their customers.

This award recognises eStore Logistics’ investment in creating an end-to-end warehousing, logistics and distribution solution for eCommerce businesses wanting to get their products out to market quicker in an effective and accurate manner.

As the winner of this prestigious award, eStore Logistics is proud to have had its efforts recognised. As we strive to lead by example and develop innovative solutions that enhance their warehousing, packing and distribution services, eStore Logistics is ready to consider new ideas that will provide value to its clients.