Say hello to our new branding

November 25, 2016

It’s good to refresh your appearance occasionally.

Our facilities and fulfilment processes have reached increased speed and efficiencies over the past year thanks to our ongoing commitment to implementing the latest technologies.

So, we thought it was about time we refreshed our branding up to date to reflect this.

We asked our creative and technology agency, metronome to update our brand, our website, in fact quite a few things where our brand is on show.

We like our customers, and our future customers, to know how complex our business is. And the new branding and illustrations do a great job of conveying the multi-faceted nature of warehousing and fulfilment (whilst also being cute).

As you can probably see, we’ve totally embraced all things yellow which, although it was present in our old branding, is now very much the hero. It’s brought a real vibrancy to our look which more closely reflects the vibrancy of our business.

Our new branding makes the biggest difference to our website, a completely new site built from the ground up by metronome.

We wanted our new site to be clearer and easier to navigate, so users could find the information they need a lot faster. It’s also fully responsive, so everyone gets the same great experience no matter what device they view it on.


Metronome’s UI/UX designer, Rochelle Macdonald says, “We approached the experience and interface design of eStore Logistics’ new website in the same way they approach their business: with bold simplicity. It functions like a well-oiled system, but still has a touch of personality and fun — with friendly iconography, it captures a similar feeling of excitement as signing for your parcel at your doorstep.”


The fresh brand is popping up in all sorts of places, from our website, business cards and brochures to our new uniforms, so we’re thrilled to share the work metronome have created for us.

In fact, to help tell the complete eStore Logistics story, metronome also created a promo clip, spending a day in our Melbourne facility with photographers and one extremely high-flying drone.

Take a look here.