Take a tour of eStore Logistics

December 15, 2016

At eStore Logistics we never stop improving our process. Ensuring our online retail and retail store customers’ products are shipped promptly is a never-ending operation that we care passionately about.

In fact, to help show just how finely tuned our fulfilment process is, we recently asked our agency, metronome to shoot a promo clip in our secure Melbourne facility.

Following their carefully planned storyboard, metronome spent a busy day with our team filming every step in the eStore Logistics fulfilment chain.

From our streamlined inbound process to the integration of customer shopping cart systems, the clip showcases how  our integrated fulfilment technologies make it possible for us to meet the speed and efficiencies our customers demand.

Metronome’s drone camera was able to capture the kind of expansive views of our warehouse even we rarely get to see! Take a look at the video below.