Preference for online shopping remains despite restriction easing

January 14, 2022

Sydney, Australia – 11 January 2022 – New data from ecommerce fulfillment provider, eStore Logistics, illustrates a significant shift in shopping habits as pandemic restrictions lifted in Victoria and New South Wales towards the end of 2021.

Data from November shows that despite in-person shopping becoming available to many more, consumer preferences for shopping online have remained strong, following the unprecedented growth in ecommerce experienced throughout the pandemic.

Certain categories experienced particular spikes as rules changed. Unsurprisingly, as picnics and outdoor gatherings became the social event of the season in November, sales of sports and recreational equipment jumped up by 9%. Data also indicates that people were dressing to impress as weather improved and the country opened up, with a 22% year on year increase in fashion and apparel online sales. This is a huge jump compared to the same period last year, which saw a 72% decrease in fashion sales as Australians traded in fashion purchases for hobbies and home improvement during lockdown.

The data also shows a clear movement away from home improvement and renovation supplies, following a bumper 2020. Sales for these items declined 51% from the same period in 2020, when much of the country was still in lockdown and looking to fill time with projects around the home. Similarly, books and home media dropped by 2% whilst health and beauty online orders were back up by 1% as Aussies headed back to the office and to social gatherings.

Leigh Williams, Managing Director, eStore Logistics, said: “November was an interesting time for ecommerce last year. With much of the country eagerly hoping for a return to relative normality following heavy restrictions, the data reflects that consumers were turning to their favourite fashion and sporting equipment online stores to stock up for a more social summer.

“Whilst trends consistently waver as we navigate the pandemic and the uncertainties that come with it, one thing that remains constant is the continued preference for online retail, from both shoppers and merchants. Ecommerce has kept businesses alive throughout 2020 and 2021, with a huge number of merchants making the transition to a fully functioning ecommerce model. The leaps that ecommerce has made over the last two years have ensured that online retail will remain an enormous part of the economy, even in a post-pandemic world.”

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