Pallet storage, shelf storage and secure cage storage are available across our warehousing facilities. You can be confident that your stock is safe and secure with 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring.

eCommerce fulfilment

eStore Logistics specialises in eCommerce fulfilment and fulfils up to 30,000 eCommerce orders per day. This is supported by state-of-the art eCommerce fulfilment processes and technology which ensure that orders are fulfilled cost effectively, accurately and fast. A range of packaging options is available to suit your brand and budget.

Retail store fulfilment

Got a physical retail store or want to send large orders to your customers? No Problem! eStore Logistics has retail store fulfilment capabilities which ensure that your large wholesale orders reach their destination fast.


Save big on your delivery costs by leveraging eStore Logistics buying power with freight carriers and eStore Logistics’ freight optimisation software.

Using an eStore Logistics proprietary freight optimisation system, eStore Logistics offers least cost freight routing solutions to clients. The system considers freight carrier suitability and freight carrier cost.

Cross docking

Does your business hold minimum inventory and only order stock from suppliers when your customers make a purchase? You’re not alone. Many of eStore Logistics’ clients operate in drop ship models for which eStore Logistics has cross docking solutions. These will get your supplier orders packed into deliveries the same day stock is received at the warehouse!


We know how important returns are for eCommerce and therefore treat reverse logistics very seriously. We have a number of reverse logistics processes to manage your customer returns.

Value added services

Need quality control checks on your stock at receipt? Do bar codes or labels need to be applied to stock? Our team will work with you on any ad hoc projects you have which fall outside the scope of daily operations.