Australia's most trusted eCommerce fulfillment provider

Retailers want the highest possible service levels for the lowest possible cost from their logistics partner. eStore Logistics provides just that. Our logistics solutions are reliable, flexible and scalable, and our order fulfillment is super fast and accurate.

How do we do it? We have developed, implemented and integrated the best technologies, systems and processes to create a world class warehousing and fulfillment solution for eCommerce and omni-channel retailers.




eCommerce Pick and Pack

We pick, pack and ship your orders fast and accurately. We use autonomous mobile robots to pick and pack orders and support 4pm cut off times for same day fulfilment and 3 hour delivery.


Cost Effective Shipping

We will minimise your shipping costs using multiple carriers. Our proprietary Freight Optimisation System uses advanced algorithms that select the optimal warehouse and carrier in order to minimise shipping times and costs.


Your Branded Packaging

Delight your customers with customised and branded packaging. We carefully pack your orders in your branded packaging to create a superior unboxing experience for your customers.


Cloud Based Logistics Software

Our cloud based logistics software enables clients track real-time inventory across our fulfillment centers, manage sales and purchase orders, track deliveries and manage returns. Best of all it’s free for our customers.


Returns Management

We help take care of your returns using our returns platform which makes it fast and easy for your team to manage.


Customer Service

We have super friendly customer service staff and dedicated account managers that our clients can always speak with about any question they may have.


Service Guarantee

We are the magic behind the “buy” button and ensure that your customer gets their order super fast. We’re so confident in our capability that we commit to strict service levels and will pay you if we don’t meet them.


Reliable, Fast and Effective

eStore Logistics is Australia’s most trusted eCommerce and omni-channel fulfillment provider.  We use the best warehouse management system (WMS) which supports accurate inventory, customised order packing solutions and fast accurate fulfillment. 


Connecting with us is simple and easy. We have pre built integrations with all major eCommerce platforms, accounting packages, order management systems and ERP’s.


  • Does eStore Logistics support 3 hour eCommerce fulfillment and delivery?

    Yes, using our autonomous mobile robots we support 3 hour delivery.

  • How do eStore Logistics' picking robots provide eStore Logistics clients with a competitive advantage?

    eStore Logistics robot picking system supports far later cut off times for same day fulfillment and cost effective same day delivery. For example,  place an order at 4pm and have it delivered within 3 hours. The only way to cost effectively achieve this is with eStore’s robotic warehouse system.

    It also enables eStore to easily manage huge spikes in sales volumes during peak periods such as Black Friday, EOFY sales and Xmas. This means no matter the time of year, eStore can fulfill all orders the same day and super fast.

  • What do the robots mean for eCommerce retailers? What benefit will they have?

    The technology that we have selected is quite new to Australia and our implementation is an Australian first in terms of scale and size for eCommerce. The technology is:

    • Improving service levels for clients through faster fulfillment, later cut-offs and enables higher throughput during peak periods, all without an increase in order fulfillment prices for our existing clients.
    • Cost effectively supporting fulfillment of same day delivery orders
    • Delivering improved security of stock due to the way it dynamically moves shelf storage positions throughout the day
    • Where required, reducing the cost of consolidation activities due to reduced labour required to perform the function
  • How do eStore Logistics' eCommerce picking robots work?

    The goods-to-person solution uses autonomous mobile robots to automatically bring inventory stored on shelves or pallets to a workstation for picking. This removes the need for staff to walk or operate traditional materials handling equipment around the warehouse in order to pick an order.  It improves the accuracy of picking and reduces labor intensity. Compared to manual picking, the picking efficiency is improved by 2 to 4 times.

    The solution also uses the same autonomous mobile robots to automatically bring suitably sized shelves to a workstation to put-away stock that has been received from suppliers. The robots then automatically move the shelves away from the workstation where they are stored for future retrieval and order fulfilment. Again, this removes the need for staff to walk through the warehouse in order to put-away stock to the most optimally located and optimally sized position, improving efficiency, storage utilisation and speed of goods receiving.

  • Does eStore Logistics offer sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions?

    eStore Logistics has joined the ‘War on Waste’ and is committed to using planet-friendly packaging solutions. Recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging forms the core of eStore’s Logistics packaging solution, but customers can BYO their own customised and branded packaging to create a superior unpacking experience.

  • What is the cut off time for same day order fulfillment?

    Using our robotic picking system we are able to provide a 4pm cut off for same day fulfillment of eCommerce orders.

  • Can you include special inserts and order collateral in my eCommerce orders?

    Yes – We can include marketing flyers, inserts and stickers into all your orders as a collateral item to improve your customer unboxing experience.

  • Can I edit sales orders once they have been sent to eStore Logistics?

    Yes! We provide our clients with access to our self serve Express Portal. Through this portal, you will have complete visibility and flexibility to edit orders as required including deleting orders, adding items to existing orders, and editing all order information such as shipping addresses and carrier selection. Access to the Express Portal is completely free of charge for all of eStore Logistics clients.

  • Can eStore Logistics support serial number capturing prior to an order being fulfilled?

    Yes, eStore Logistics can configure specific SKUs to require their serial number to be captured upon stock receipt at our warehouses, while being scanned to fulfil an order, or both.

  • Can eStore Logistics create customised kits of our products?

    Absolutely, we have many clients that we create customised bundles of products to arrive at consumers doors and provide that extra special unboxing experience.
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