Warehouse management system

eStore Logistics utilises the Manhattan Associates tier one warehouse management system (WMS), SCALE, which is highly configurable to cater for specific client requirements. Manhattan SCALE ensures that no matter what eStore Logistics client’s business requirements are, eStore Logistics is able to rapidly implement a solution which ensures that the most effective service is provided, always delivering the best value.

Enabling customers to fulfil orders more cost effectively, Manhattan SCALE is the product’s unique 3D cubing functionality. This eliminates the requirement for users to manually select packaging types for each order and recommends the smallest possible packaging to minimise shipping and packaging costs.

Clients enjoy having direct reporting access via our portal to view real-time information in the WMS, including inventory levels and order fulfilment status, as well as the ability to create inbound receipt records and new SKUs.

Freight optimisation system

eStore Logistics’ proprietary freight optimisation software calculates the most suitable and cheapest carrier to send client orders. Each carrier has different pricing structures for different zones around Australia and the rest of the world. Our system uses consignment chargeable weight and destination postcode to calculate the cheapest carrier.

eStore Logistics holds extensive commercial accounts with Australia's largest priority distribution companies. This allows us to deliver your goods to your customers at an extremely low price. We have a last mile delivery solution that suits your business needs!

We offer clients the option of using our freight carriers, using their own freight carriers or using a combination of both.

RF scanning

All stock movements at our warehouses are captured in our warehouse management system by scan events utilising bar codes. This includes receiving, put-away, location transfer, picking, packing, dispatch and cycle counting activities.

Automatic cartonisation

Our warehouse management system (WMS) is preconfigured with suitable packaging types (such as cartons and satchels) for each client with multiple sizes and options of packaging available. Packaging types are agreed with clients when they join eStore Logistics.

When we receive an order from a client, individual item weights and dimensions are considered and our WMS automatically cartonises each order, ensuring every single item is allocated to the most appropriate packaging size.

This takes packaging selection decision-making out of staff hands and effectively eliminates packaging selection errors, provides a more efficient and standardised process for packing orders and eliminates the requirement for manual entry of carton weights and dimensions.