Amazon Fulfillment*

eCommerce sellers may partner with Amazon and list their products for sale on the Amazon Marketplace. When a seller makes a sale on the Amazon Marketplace the seller needs a strategy to fulfil the order.

Amazon fulfillment is the process of shipping products purchased on Amazon to customers. This includes picking, packing and delivery to the end consumer. Fast delivery and great branding typically are key factors in creating a great customer experience for eCommerce consumers.

eStore Logistics provides fulfillment services to clients that are selling on Amazon and also storing their products at eStore Logistics’ warehouses. These clients enjoy fast fulfillment with all orders received by midday shipped same business day and also the option to use their own branded packaging and marketing material.

Amazon Marketplace sellers have a number of options to meet their Amazon fulfillment requirements, these include fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), third-party fulfillment or self-fulfillment.


Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) involves an Amazon seller shipping their products to an Amazon warehouse and then having Amazon staff pick, pack and arrange delivery of their Amazon Marketplace orders.

This may not be the most cost effective option for Amazon sellers as the FBA warehousing and order fulfillment costs may be higher than the costs involved with other fulfillment methods such as third party fulfillment.

Amazon may also chose to use Amazon branded packaging for each of your Amazon orders which may not create the best possible purchase experience for your customers.


Third-Party Fulfillment

Third party fulfillment of Amazon orders involves a seller engaging a third party logistics provider such as eStore Logistics to pick, pack and deliver your Amazon sales orders.

Many Amazon sellers choose third party fulfillment as it can be more cost effective than other fulfillment options and also create the best possible seller branded experience for their customers.

eStore Logistics is proud to service many clients that are selling on Amazon. For our clients we provide:

  • Lowest possible cost of Amazon fulfillment,
  • Fast Amazon fulfillment with orders received before midday shipped same day,
  • Seller branded packaging / marketing material for all Amazon orders, and
  • Seller customised Amazon fulfillment solutions.

eStore Logistics has no direct relationship or affiliation with Amazon or its related entities.



When a merchant performs all tasks associated with the fulfillment process, this is considered to be self-fulfillment. Self-fulfillment is generally only done by very small merchants, often operating from home, or from a small garage or warehouse. When a self-fulfilling merchant experiences a significant increase in orders, self-fulfillment can become quite time-consuming, although that is offset by the fact that there is little or no initial investment needed to begin selling. In general, self-fulfillment operations tend to be low-volume in nature, which makes it fairly easy for the merchant to stay abreast of orders.

*eStore Logistics has no direct relationship with and is in no way  affiliated or connected to the businesses of Amazon or its related entities.