Everything You Need To Know About Pick And Pack Fulfilment

September 5, 2022

Although the pick and pack procedure seems straightforward, it requires expertise in inventory and stock-keeping management, skilled employees, and a seamless system. Let’s take a closer look at this process, which includes everything from order placement to shipment with eStore Logistics.

Let’s start by answering the question, what is pick and packing?

Picking and Packing is a process used to fulfil eCommerce orders.

Traditionally, this is completed by workers in a warehouse setting where items are collected manually from stock, packaged, and delivered by a designated courier. Autonomous robots are used in this method at the eStore Logistics facility to complete eCommerce needs from Australian retailers, both online and in-store.

Option 2 –¬†Picking and Packing is a process used to fulfil eCommerce orders. Typically, the process involves workers in a warehouse manually collecting items from stock and packaging them, which are then delivered by a designated courier. But at eStore Logistics, we have gone a step ahead. Our facility is equipped with autonomous robots that undertake the pick and pack process to complete eCommerce needs from Australian retailers, both online and in-store.

When an order is placed online, it is then passed through to our system, where the process begins. After we receive the request, one of our autonomous robots will go out and locate the item’s mobile shelving unit, lift it, and deliver it to one of our employees at the picking station. The shelving unit will then be moved back out into storage for later retrieval after our employees have removed the item from it. When our pickers have collected all products, they are packaged for outgoing orders and put onto pellets to be retrieved by shipping carriers for delivery.

Let’s look at the Pick and Pack Process at eStore Logistics.

The following is a list of the steps we take in picking and packing orders that are received by our integrated system:

  • We collaborate with you to determine the best strategy for your company.
  • The integration of our technology with yours will ensure we receive data from your business directly.
  • Our process will select the best warehouse and least expensive shipping method for delivery for all required fulfilments.
  • With the autonomous element at our facility, the fulfilment operation will be proficient, with products placed in your branded packaging.
  • Our structure supports customers in receiving orders on schedule.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Order Fulfilment?

There are many advantages to using the new, cutting-edge warehouse and logistics system that eStore Logistics provides, but four important ones stand out:

  • Due to the addition of our autonomous robots, we have extended the deadline for same-day deliveries to 4:00 pm.
  • We can enable same-day delivery affordably. When there is a rush on orders, they become programmed as a priority in the system. The items are picked, packed quickly, and placed onto a transport vehicle.
  • We can distribute more accurate orders based on the technology and how supply is stored. Due to the merging of similar SKUs (stock-keeping units) within the system in storage locations, there are reduced storage costs. We ensure we use the least amount of space in storage locations; when stock arrives from suppliers, our technology will consolidate the information and direct products to those already in storage.
  • There are no up-front expenses when utilising eStore Logistics; you only pay for what you use. By utilising this approach, businesses can reduce costs and outline a strategy that benefits them best.

What separates eStore Logistics from other Pick and Pack distribution centres?

Our fulfilment service allows you to concentrate on your area of expertise while our team supports you with the logistics. By promptly completing your orders and placing items in your branded packaging, we will increase service for your company. We adhere to strict government regulations to ensure that your customers receive their products quickly and accurately. Our strict adherence to guidelines extends to the security of each warehouse. We have 24/7 surveillance and secure cages for all high-value goods to ensure the safety and security of your products.

We have introduced industry-leading technology and service to retailers of all scopes. Without selling on platforms like Amazon, it is exceedingly difficult for smaller online vendors to set up a warehouse and distribute orders without access to automated processes. We’ve made this equipment more widely accessible and available to businesses so they can get affordable, fast fulfilment.

We fulfil your request using our industry-leading freight enhancement system to identify the warehouse location and the least expensive shipping method. With our ability to bulk purchase, we can provide a variety of shipping providers, which will lower your delivery expenses.

Additionally, our online platform will give you quick access to real-time data regarding inventory, orders, returns, tracking, warehouse, and products.

Choose eStore Logistics for your fulfilment needs.

Take advantage of our 120,000 sqm warehouse space in Melbourne and Sydney for your eCommerce needs. As the largest third-party provider in Australia, eStore Logistics specialises in offering warehousing and fulfilment services to in-store and online stores. Annually, we complete over 20 million sale orders. Moreover, by offering the most cost-effective services to online retail companies, we can lower the cost of online shopping for consumers.

For all your logistics needs, contact us on 1300 735 133, and have a confidential discussion with a team member today.

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