Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right 3PL Services Provider in Australia

April 29, 2018

Third-party logistics (3PL) is becoming increasingly popular as omni-channel eCommerce businesses in Australia wish to grow without having to worry about investing in a warehouse, hiring in-house staff to provide logistics capabilities and developing order fulfilment processes. Outsourcing this to a third party fulfilment services provider will help retail business owners scale their operations as they are able to focus more time on their customers and market share growth.

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right 3PL services provider in Australia.

1. Choose a 3PL service provider that has size and scale.

A well-designed warehouse, a robust network of freight carriers and leading technological systems that manage the flow of stock to and from the warehouse, define the ideal 3PL service provider. At eStore Logistics, we have many secure warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney that total 60,000 sqm. The layout of each warehouse has been carefully determined to ensure that goods can be stored and identified easily. Our warehouse management system, powered by Manhattan SCALE, provides useful guidance and insights to help us process the goods effectively.

2. Ensure that the 3PL service provider values data.

Data is critical to the success of a third party order fulfilment service provider. Since warehouses rely on humans to pick, pack and cart goods to the loading bay ready for dispatch, it is ideal if the staff member is directed what to do without having to make decisions on the go. eStore Logistics staff use wearable computers that provides them with real-time information of what they need to do in the present and future.

3. The 3PL service provider must provide end-to-end support.

The third party logistics service provider will be partnering with your business to help it grow. They should be able to provide meaningful feedback to help you enhance your business. At eStore Logistics our systems will help identify, for example, when stock is running low, at what time goods will need to be replenished, whether delivery times should be altered and where your customers are located.

4. The 3PL service provider must be able to cope with growth.

Whilst your business might be flourishing, it would not be ideal if your third party logistics provider was unable to cope with your growth. Whether your customers are after individual items or a bundle of items, our systems will be able to correctly pick and pack the right type and number of products so that they are accurately shipped to your customers. Should you experience a fall or increase in sales, there will always be space in our warehouse for your products.

5. Consider a 3PL service provider that understands your business.

A successful 3PL service provider should be able to accommodate a diverse array of goods from businesses operating in many industries. Whether your business is small or large, at eStore Logistics we can store the goods requested by your customers, tailor the packaging of the goods and transport them to your customers with the same degree of priority and care.

Finding the right 3PL is not that difficult! Understanding their capabilities, their growth and their success will help you to assess which third party logistics provider to choose. At eStore Logistics, we continue to increase our warehousing footprint, develop our technological interfaces and recruit more staff to help serve many small and large eCommerce businesses in Australia. Contact us today by calling 1300 735 133.

Have you been successful in finding the right 3PL services provider for your eCommerce business? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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