3 Tips for Choosing the Right Pick and Pack Services

June 5, 2018

Omni-channel retail businesses in Australia who want to grow their market share, sell more products and enhance their brand need to consider a superior pick and pack fulfilment service. Not only does a pick and pack service provider manage the distribution of the products from manufacturers and distributors to your customers, they provide insightful reporting, optimisation strategies, warehousing capabilities and tailored packaging services.

At eStore Logistics, we continue to develop our capabilities and offering to our clients. We have recently committed to acquiring a large warehouse in LOGOS Property’s Marsden Park, New South Wales, that will be operational in November 2018. This will help expand our warehouse footprint in Australia and assist to serve more customers with optimal freight, logistics and warehousing solutions.

In a recent blog we published titled, 3 Tips for Finding the Right eCommerce Fulfillment Services Provider, we discussed the importance of using a third party logistics provider that is highly resourced and connected, values the importance of data and integrated systems and has the ability to understand the client’s needs and goals.

Here we share 3 tips for choosing the right pick and pack services:

1. Focus on Growth and Expansion

Whilst every business owner is focused on growth and expansion, you need check that the pick and pack service provider shares the same view. There is always the potential to develop, so that efficiencies can be gained and benefits can be realised. To assist with the design of our newly acquired warehouse, we engaged a consultant to provide strategic insight. For example, due to a changing ecommerce landscape, we have devoted a reasonable portion of our warehouse to product staging and returns. This is how we strive to keep ahead of the market with innovative developments and to keep pick and pack fulfilment costs low.

2. Technological Advancements

The pick and pack service provider needs to provide its clients with cost effective warehousing, packaging and logistics so that the client’s end users receive their products accurately and on time. At eStore Logistics, we use complex algorithms that minimise manual handling, human decision making and time inefficiencies. Our Warehousing Management System powered by Manhattan SCALE, our wearable computer devices with ring scanners and our Freight Optimisation Software ensure that each part of the logistics supply chain is operating effectively to the highest standard possible.

3. Commitment to Optimal Results

Striving to excel in a highly competitive market, with enhanced revisions to existing processes, will achieve growth. This is supplemented by a highly effective workforce that has been trained to deliver optimal results. In 2017, eStore Logistics was recognised by the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia with the 2017 Training, Education and Development Award. The receipt of this award recognises our commitment to training and developing our staff so that the organisation operates in a collaborative manner to achieve superior economies of scale.

A pick and pack fulfilment service provider will help your omni-channel retail business by allowing you to focus more time, effort and funds on growing market share, selling new products and improving your business’s brand. Leave warehousing, packaging and logistics to the experts at eStore Logistics. If your business is located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or any other part of Australia, we can help you transform your operations with highly effective pick and pack services. Call us today on 1300 735 133.

Are you thinking about engaging with a pick and pack fulfilment service provider? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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