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March 27, 2020

Order fulfilment is growing rapidly. We handle approximately 80,000 order per day! As more and more people shop online and request deliveries for their products, retailers, wholesalers and distributors are developing their end-to-end order fulfilment processes to accommodate this growing demand. To successfully establish an eCommerce platform that operates reliably and ensures that a strong customer relationship is maintained, partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider.

A 3PL service provider helps your business grow by providing best-in-class warehousing and eCommerce order fulfilment services while you focus on other business matters. Improve your sales by utilising the 3PL service provider’s reduced cost freight options from their network of secure warehouses that provide fast and accurate fulfilment. At eStore Logistics we strive to help your business transfer your products to your customers with accurately and on time.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, more businesses are exploring eCommerce platforms to reconnect with their customers and existing eCommerce businesses are relying heavily on their online platform to stay financially afloat. To help support our customers regardless of the current economic situation, we continually develop our technology, systems and processes to offer leading 3PL services at competitive prices.

Here are 6 key reasons why you should engage with a large and well-known 3PL service provider to help enhance and support your business.

Business Growth

We help you grow your business. As opposed to traditional in-store distribution channels, online eCommerce channels enable you to market your entire product offering online for customers to browse 24/7. This helps you to connect better with your target market because they can immediately see what’s on offer. Customers engage quicker via eCommerce platforms and can acquire the products they need from the comfort of their own home or business and receive the products delivered to any address Australia-wide.

Next Generation Technology

As you reach out to customers via eCommerce channels, you need to establish an order fulfilment process that will support the growing demand from your customers. Instead of doing this all yourself and investing in a large capital outlay, engage a leading 3PL service provider who has the infrastructure, skilled workforce and tailored technology systems to deliver reliable services. We use a leading Warehouse Management System (Manhattan SCALE) that helps us to source the ordered product, package it and place it ready for dispatch in a short amount of time with no error.

Australia’s Largest E-Commerce 3PL

To successfully serve many businesses at once, we have scaled our warehouse and technology system to deal with high volume and high frequency movements of product. We successfully receive and deliver many products from manufacturers, distributors and other warehouses so that we can distribute these products to the end-user accurately and in the quickest time possible. Our systems plan optimal delivery routes to minimise freight cost while serving the demands from many businesses at once.

Outbound Fulfilment

Our outbound fulfilment capability helps your customers receive the products they want without error and in the quickest time possible. We offer tailored packaging services too so that you can personalise your products for your customers. We enhance the customer experience and prevent delays in the order fulfilment process. For example, our intelligent automation tools help to keep our customers informed of low inventories so that products can be replenished at our warehouse without you having to do the math!

Increasing Service levels

Our operations are flexible. During periods of high demand, our technology, systems and processes can cope with change order fulfilment volumes. We can tailor our service levels to suit the demands for the day. This gives our customers peace of mind that our operations will not be effected when the pressure is on. This means that your customers will still be able to purchase the products they desire at any time of the day, and have those products delivered without failure.

E-commerce Fulfilment

Our operations support the successful fulfilment of products orders from your eCommerce platform. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your systems so that we receives the orders directly from your customer and manage the end-to-end order fulfilment process while you focus on other business matters. You benefit with a leading warehouse, order fulfilment and freight optimisation solution that has been tried and tested with continuous improvements.

At eStore Logistics, we are Australia’s largest eCommerce fulfilment provider. Our promise is to excite your customers with fast shipping and delightful packaging while providing seamless integration into your business. With fulfilment centers strategically located in Melbourne and Sydney featuring leading eCommerce fulfilment technology and automation platforms, we provide fast same-day shipping and flexible solutions for our clients. This helps you connect better with your customers!

To see how our solutions can support your business growth, contact us on 1300 735 133.

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