Company background

Founded in 2008, eStore Logistics has grown to become Australia’s largest third-party logistics provider (3PL) specialised in providing warehousing and order fulfilment services for online retail and retail store businesses.

From the ground up, the business has been built to service complex online retail order fulfilment profiles and volumes. This has involved developing systems, processes and teams which deliver cost-effective order fulfilment solutions while maintaining a high level of accuracy and speed of fulfilment.

We see ourselves as partly a logistics company, partly a technology company and partly a data analytics company. Our most important resources are our people who are supported by robust systems and processes, developed from thousands of hours of data analytics, research and development.

We fulfil up to 45,000 orders per day with an average of 1.4 units per order with multiple pick and pack processes according to the suitability for an order profile. Reducing seconds from a stock handling process is what we strive to do each day, it’s what gets us excited!

Meet the team

Our amazing team live and breath online retail and are ready to help.

eStore Logistics Leigh Williams

Leigh Williams

Founder & Managing Director

eStore Logistics James Ellis

James Ellis

General Manager

eStore Logistics Kieran Boyce

Kieran Boyce

Operations Manager

eStore Logistics Bojan Turk

Bojan Turk

Project Delivery Manager

eStore Logistics Albert Amato

Albert Amato

Development, Safety & Quality Manager

eStore Logistics Tariq Mohammed

Tariq Mohammed

Systems Analyst

eStore Logistics Nicholas Brown

Nicholas Brown

Customer Service Manager

eStore Logistics Regan Boyce

Regan Boyce

Administration Manager

eStore Logistics Sri Mulagundla

Sri Mulagundla

Fulfilment Manager

eStore Logistics Rebecca Napoli

Rebecca Napoli

Administration Associate

eStore Logistics Mahendra Solanki

Mahendra Solanki

Application & Operations Support

eStore Logistics Dylan Bugeja

Dylan Bugeja

Customer Service Officer

eStore Logistics Khurram Bashir

Khurram Bashir


eStore Logistics Nathan Lord

Nathan Lord


eStore Logistics Dean Formosa

Dean Formosa